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Installation Instructions

Hardware Provided

2 – 12-24 x 2" Machine Screws
2 - #10 Flat Washers
2 – 1/4" Lock Washers
2 – 12 – 24 Nuts
2 – 1/2" Loop Clamps *
2 – 5/8" Loop Clamps *

*note: We provide two sizes of Loop Clamps to accommodate different bike frame diameters.

1. Place two loop clamps on rear left side of bike frame, one clamp around top support, one around bottom support with flat side of clamps facing outward.
2. Install one #10 flat washer onto one 12–24 x 2" screw and place through bottom hole of rod holder. Place screw thru bottom clamp, and install lock washer and nut. (Do Not Tighten)
3. Repeat step 2 for top hole of rod holder
4. Slide holder back until thick part of rod holder nearly touches axle nut.
5. Adjust angle of rod holder to desired position and tighten both screws, Do Not Over Tighten, only needs to be snug.

Secure with strap provided after fishing rods are inserted.

Note: Clamp holes can be downward on bottom support and upward on top support or reverse for wider range of adjustment, if needed.

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